Salem High School's Original, "The Quaker Drive On Song"

Written in 1936 by Charles Freed '36, older brother of the famous DJ Alan Freed '40, "The Quaker Drive On Song" was played by the Salem High School marching band from 1936-1948.

For unknown reasons, the song disappeared for more than 50 years, but thanks to the detective work of Barbara Butler Greene '44 and Stephen Navoyosky '53, the song was rediscovered.

A special rendition was written by Stephen and performed by the SHS Alumni Band in 1994 for the Salem Jubilee celebration.

Click Play to listen to a recording by the SHS Alumni Band in 1994:



Click HERE to download the lyrics of "The Quaker Drive On Song" written by Charles Freed '36.

Click HERE to download the score arranged by Stephen Navoyosky '53 in 1994.