Alumni Remembrance


"Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart."
--Washington Irving



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Salem High School Alumni Remembrance

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Recently Deceased (6 Month Listing)
Margaret Bennett (Berg)08-23-2023
Isabelle Lockhart (Roller)10-22-2023
Robert Citino09-15-2023
Frank Ben Bruderly05-28-2023
Jacquie Orr (Nedelka)07-03-2023
Marjorie Hanna (Wood Hoffman)07-14-2023
Margaret Gallagher (Paulin)10-04-2023
Betty Paster (Horning)07-10-2023
James "Jim" Coy06-08-2023
George Huston05-29-2023
Rose Quinn (Corl)09-09-2023
Dale Barton11-10-2023
Sally Moore (Howard)06-10-2023
Jacqueline Brelih (Thellman)07-23-2023
Charles Dahms08-11-2023
Charles Jones07-21-2023
Jack Pierce10-25-2023
Suzanne Shearer (Smith)07-03-2023
Deanne Lavelle (Gabrielle)06-01-2023
Marilyn Schaefer (Walk)10-20-2023
Joan Sell (Bentley)08-10-2023
Carole Kalbfell (Smith)08-05-2023
Beverly Mercer (Yeager)09-19-2023
Carole Shone (Stein-Allison)09-11-2023
Nelson Martin07-01-2023
Randy Strader10-06-2023
Robert Wiggers11-08-2023
Carol Finch (DelVichio)10-05-2023
Theodore Beery08-27-2023
Donna Elwonger (Morrocco)09-07-2023
John England07-25-2023
Susan Schaeffer (McCracken)11-10-2023
Wanda Morrow (Bolen)08-09-2023
Sandra Stevenson (Brant Glass)10-05-2023
Rosemary Walker (Ziegler)10-03-2023
Leslie Hardy06-19-2023
Terrence Miller11-10-2023
Darrell Criss08-31-2023
Susan Gregg08-02-2023
Phillip Murphy06-09-2023
Lola Santini (Brown)07-28-2023
Roy Smith09-23-2023
Robert Brisken06-12-2023
Linda Erath (Stoffer)07-24-2023
Donald King10-24-2023
Sandra Schaeffer (Teck)07-26-2023
Michael Love08-04-2023
Barb Lowry (Sobotka)09-11-2023
Nancy Penrod07-30-2023
Sue Plastow (Stoddard)11-04-2023
Mickey Heestand10-11-2023
Robert "Bob" Jelen06-22-2023
George Brown09-17-2023
Judy Barnhouse (Donnelly)06-13-2023
Gregory Equizi08-21-2023
Michael Karmazin10-22-2023
JoAnn Lewis (Pitman)08-02-2023
Thomas Wright08-30-2023
Marci Smith (King)07-23-2023
Richard Early10-13-2023
Douglas Keller10-27-2023
Pamela Good (Castles)06-30-2023
Justin Smith09-19-2023
James Peck, Jr.06-28-2023
Joshua Courtney10-07-2023
Bethany Kholos (Barnes)08-12-2023
Frederick Johnson05-30-2023