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Scholarship Recipients for Salem High School Class of 2015

At the Salem High School Alumni Association's 134th Annual Reunion and Banquet in 2015, 100 graduating Salem High School students, alumni, and current students shared $359,050 in scholarships.

Salem High School Alumni Association
Academic Merit Scholarship
(3.5 and above GPA)       


With GPAs of 4.1 or higher, (from left) Alisha Rickman, Katharine Paumier, Emily Ehrenberg, Logan Joy, Alyssa Pallo, and (on far right) Mariah Cresanto received $6,800 Academic Merit Scholarships. Sophie Ramsey (second from right) received a partial scholarship of $3,830 (per SHSAA guidelines regarding years of attendance and full tuition).


Receiving $6,300 Academic Merit Scholarships for earning 4.0 GPAs were (front row from left) Marissa Swindell, Michelle Santini, Jacob Bezon, and Zachary Morris, (rear row) Anna Shivers, Owen Ellis, Samuel Hank, Haley Carner, and Bryce Hendricks.


Receiving $5,800 Academic Merit Scholarships for earning 3.9 GPAs were (front row from left) Brittany Warneke and Brianna Parfaite, (rear row) Timothy Erskine, Listy Barnhart, Kylie Chaffin, and NavaJo Culler.


With 3.8 GPAs, Lucas Green received a partial scholarship of $3,980 (per SHSAA guidelines regarding full tuition) while Courtney Waters, Alexis Cusick, Raegan Meals, and Emily Winkler received $5,300 Academic Merit Scholarships. 


Receiving $4,800 Academic Merit Scholarships for graduating with 3.7 GPAs were (front row from left) Rylee Meals and Julia Martinelli, (rear row) Matthew Shrontz, Marty Roth, Dale Jenkins, Seth Brine, and Bransen Panezott.

academic36 academic35
With 3.6 GPAs, Cameron Turney, Macie Davidson and Branson Wilms received $4,300 Academic Merit Scholarships. 
Kailey Workman received a $3,800 Academic Merit Scholarship for graduating with a 3.5 GPA.

Summary - 2015 SHSAA Academic Merit Scholarship Winners

  • Graduates with 4.1 grade point averages (GPAs) or better received $6,800 Academic Merit Scholarships: Mariah Cresanto, Emily Ehrenberg, Logan Joy, Katharine Paumier, Alisha Rickman, Alyssa Pallo. Sophie Ramsey received a partial scholarship of $3,830 (per SHSAA guidelines for years of attendance and for full tuition). 
  • 4.0 GPAs received $6,300 scholarships: Jacob Bezon, Haley Carner, Owen Ellis, Samuel Hank, Bryce Hendricks, Zachary Morris, Michelle Santini, Anna Shivers, Marissa Swindell.
  • 3.9 GPAs received $5,800 scholarships: Listy Barnhart, Kylie Chaffin, NavaJo Culler, Timothy Erskine, Brianna Parfaite, and Brittany Warneke.
  • 3.8 GPAs received $5,300 scholarships: Alexis Cusick, Raegan Meals, Courtney Waters, and Emily Winkler. Lucas Green received a partial scholarship of $3,980 (per SHSAA guidelines for full tuition).
  • 3.7 GPAs received $4,800 scholarships: Seth Brine, Dale Jenkins, Julia Martinelli, Rylee Meals, Bransen Panezott, Marty Roth, and Matthew Shrontz.
  • 3.6 GPAs received $4,300 scholarships: Macie Davidson, Cameron Turney, and Branson Wilms.
  • 3.5 GPAs received $3,800 scholarships: Kailey Workman.

 Class of 1966 Scholarship

The Class of 1966 is committed to helping talented students who show exceptional academic excellence and outstanding promise. A graduating senior is selected annually based on demonstrated financial need and on academic ability and potential, as evidenced by his or her high school achievement, class rank, and success on the ACT and/or the SAT. This scholarship is distributed during the second year of college.

Logan Joy ’15 received the $5,000 SHS Class of 1966 Scholarship to use in his second year of college.

J. Robert Sebo Achievement Scholarship


Bob Sebo ’54 presented the $2,750 J. Robert Sebo Achievement Scholarships to Jesse Slocum ’15, Kelly Barley ’15, and Gianna Pacifico ’15.

J. Robert Sebo, class of 1954, has generously provided for the funding of this scholarship. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, Mr. Sebo is a noted businessman and philanthropist. He was instrumental in the startup and growth of the nationally known Paychex Corporation, retiring as senior vice-president in 1994 and returning to live in Salem. At Salem High School he was an outstanding athlete who lettered three years in both football and track. He also participated in the SHS Concert Band for four years and was active in Student Council. The criteria for this award reflect his belief that a student’s extracurricular activities help lay the foundation for a successful life.

J. Robert Sebo Bowling Green State University Scholarship

Bob Sebo ’54 presented the $1,500 J. Robert Sebo Bowling Green State University Scholarship to Lance Leininger ’12. Brittany Skiba ’14, who was not present, received the same scholarship.
A graduate of Bowling Green State University, J. Robert Sebo, SHS class of 1954, is a noted businessman and philanthropist. He was instrumental in the startup and growth of the nationally known Paychex Corporation, retiring as senior vice-president in 1994 and returning to live in Salem.  He maintains close ties to his college alma mater, having served on the BGSU Board of Trustees and providing funds for an athletic center, a football scholarship, a scholarship in jazz studies, and more.

Mr. Sebo has generously provided the funding for this scholarship, which is designated for a student who will be attending Bowling Green State University.

Howard “Doc” Pardee Music Scholarship

Howard “Doc” Pardee was a longtime Salem High School band director. As a beloved instrumental music teacher, he was an inspiration and mentor to many SHS students. Pardee was also director of the American Legion-Quaker City Band for 30 years and a driving force behind the construction of the band shell in Memorial Park.

Former students, under the leadership of Mary Mercer Krogness ’56, established the Pardee Scholarships for future generations of instrumental musicians from the Salem City Schools.The award is presented to any student studying for a degree leading to a major in instrumental music.

No Howard "Doc" Pardee High School Music Scholarship was awarded this year.  Edward H. Butcher ’14 received the $4,500 Pardee College Music Scholarship.

Greenisen Leadership Scholarship

Timothy Erskine ’15 received the $5,000 Greenisen Leadership Scholarship.

Joel E. Greenisen, the SHS Class of 1954 valedictorian, graduated from the Ohio State University in 1958 with a bachelor's degree in agricultural economics. He then began a 35-year business career with the Kroger Company and rose in the management ranks until becoming president of the Michigan Marketing Area. During his time in Michigan, Greenisen

served as a Vice Chairman of the Board of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce and held leadership roles with the United Way.
In 2003 Mr. Greenisen generously established this scholarship in loving memory of his father, mother, and paternal aunt, whose leadership characteristics inspired him. The Greenisen Leadership Scholarship recognizes the skills and character traits of a leader: self-confidence, a strong dedication to helping others, and the willingness to step up and do the unusual or difficult thing.
A graduating senior will be selected annually for his or her leadership character traits based on the demonstrated ability to facilitate a group of individuals working together to accomplish a goal. Applicants need to have demonstrated leadership during their high school experiences or in special activities either inside or outside the traditional high school environment.

John Michael Pozniko Engineering Scholarship


Bryce Hendricks ’15 and Samuel Hank ’15 received $2,500 John Michael Pozniko Engineering Scholarships.
 The John Michael Pozniko Engineering Scholarship Fund was established by Dorothy Pozniko Beam (Class of 1952) and her husband, C. Richard Beam, in memory of her brother, John Michael Pozniko. John Michael Pozniko was a 1945 graduate of Salem High School and a lifelong Salem resident. After serving in the Navy, Pozniko attended drafting classes offered by the school district’s adult education program. He found employment with several area firms such as Hunt Engineering, Electric Furnace, and the Salem Tool Company, where he worked for nearly 30 years. While working, he also attended Youngstown State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. A quiet, unassuming man with a strong work ethic, Pozniko embodied the qualities of dedication, perseverance, and trustworthiness.

Hickey Metal Fabrication Vocational Scholarship

 HickeyMetalVocational2015Sarah Kornbau ’15 (center) received the $5,000 Hickey Metal Fabrication Scholarship. Presenting the award to her were (from left) Nick Peters ’98, Leo Hickey ’74, Adam Hickey ’06, and Ben Peters.
The Hickey Metal Fabrication Vocational Scholarship was created in 2006 through the generosity of Bob Hickey ’50, his wife Nancy Howell Hickey ’53, their son Leo Hickey ’74, their daughter Lois Hickey Peters ’77, and Lois’s husband Nick Peters ’73. A love for their hometown and its schools and the recognition of the need for vocational training spurred the Hickey family to fund this scholarship, which was first awarded in 2007. Hickey Metal Fabrication, which was established in 1942, is a four generation family-owned business. Although it started out as a furnace and heating business, through the years it constantly expanded and adapted to meet the needs of the marketplace, adding roofing and eventually metal fabricating. Outgrowing the plant on Georgetown Rd., the business added a second plant in the Salem Industrial Park in 1995. It now employs over 125 people at four locations. 

Nancy Hickey Memorial Healthcare Scholarship

 NancyHickeyHealthcare2015Nancy Hickey’s son and grandsons presented the Nancy Hickey Memorial Healthcare Scholarship to three recipients. Pictured here are grandsons Nick Peters ’98, Ben Peters, college recipient Kelli-jo Little ’14 ($1,500), graduating senior recipients Gianna Pacifico ’15($2,000) and Listy Barnhart ’15 ($2,000), son Leo Hickey ’74, and grandson Adam Hickey ’06.

In addition to the already established Hickey Metal Fabrication Vocational Scholarship for graduating students, the Robert Hickey family created the Nancy Hickey Memorial Healthcare Scholarship in 2011. It was first awarded in 2012. A hard-working, intelligent woman, Nancy Howell Hickey ’53 was an integral part of the family-owned Hickey Metal Fabrication and served as its corporate treasurer. She became ill in 2007 and passed away in 2011. In those years while she was ill, the Hickeys discovered the immense value of caregivers. Family members decided that the creation of a scholarship for students entering healthcare fields, whether they are seeking a degree, a certificate, or a license, would be a way of “paying forward” the kindnesses they had encountered from healthcare employees.

Lois A. Peters Memorial Business Scholarship


Relatives of Lois A. Peters ’77 presented the Lois A. Peters Memorial Business Scholarship to two recipients. Pictured here (from left) are  sons Nick Peters ’98, Ben Peters, college recipient Max Wolfgang ’14 ($2,500) and graduating senior recipient Julia Dundon ’15 ($2,500), Mrs. Peters’ brother Leo Hickey ’74 and nephew Adam Hickey ’06.

The Lois A. Peters Memorial Business Scholarship is designed for students who will be seeking a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting. It is open to both graduating Salem High School students and alumni who have completed one year of college. 

Lois A. (Hickey) Peters was a devoted supporter of the Salem High School Alumni Association and its mission to help Salem graduates further their education.  A 1977 SHS graduate, Lois was a successful businesswoman and the Chief Financial Officer for Hickey Metal Fabrication Inc.  Along with an outpouring of community memorial donations to the alumni association, Robert Hickey ’50, Leo ’74 and Suzanne Hickey,  Nick Peters ’73,  Nicholas Peters ’98,  Benjamin Peters, and Hickey Metal Fabrication Inc.  generously established this scholarship in  memory of their beloved daughter, sister, wife, and mother.

Emma Bauman Holmes Vocational Scholarship

Emma Bauman Holmes ’43, was a professor of education and child development, emeritus, at California State University, Fullerton. Although a strong advocate of higher education, Prof. Bauman Holmes pointed out that satisfying careers which contribute to society do not necessarily require university study and a bachelor's degree. 

The Emma Bauman Holmes Vocational Scholarship assists graduating Salem High School students who want to enroll in an accredited certification or vocational program designed to teach skills in a recognized field of employment. A unique aspect of the Holmes Vocational Scholarship is that recipients may renew their scholarship for one year if their studies continue in the same field in which they started, and if they have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA or its equivalent (see college scholarships).

EmmaHolmesVocational2015Jacob Baker ’15 and Natalie Ellis ’15 received $2,500 Emma Bauman Holmes Vocational Scholarships.

 Max Fisher Athletic Scholarship


$1,800 Max Fisher Athletic Scholarships were given to (from left) Jesse Slocum ’15, Luke Secrest ’15, Michael Ciotti ’15, Kelly Barley ’15, Tori Jones ’15, Alyssa Wright ’15, Julia Dundon ’15, and Kelly Hough ’15.

Max M. Fisher was an internationally known businessman, philanthropist, and political advisor. A member of the SHS class of 1926, he attended The Ohio State University on a football scholarship. He graduated with a degree in business administration and soon became successful in the oil reclamation business. OSU’s Fisher College of Business and Detroit’s Max M. Fisher Music Center are two of the many, many recipients of his philanthropic largesse. The 1972 Honored Alumnus,  Mr. Fisher established in 1973 the first named SHSAA scholarship, which has been given now for over 40 years. Mr. Fisher passed away in 2005.

Floyd and Cora May Reich Stone Vocational Scholarship

The Floyd and Cora May Reich Stone Vocational Scholarship was first awarded in 1987. Over the course of many years Dr. Floyd W. Stone and his wife Cora May Reich Stone ’35 gifted the Salem High School Alumni Association $393,873 through a combination of cash, stocks, and bequests. Floyd Stone was a native of Logan, OH and a graduate of Ohio University. He coached both track and football at Salem High School for six seasons. His 1929 football team is the last undefeated, untied football team at SHS. During his tenure, the first night football game in the state of Ohio was played at Reilly Stadium. In 1934, a time of dire economic circumstances in the U.S., he decided to quit teaching and enrolled in dental school at Ohio State. After graduation he set up an office in Cincinnati, where he practiced for 37 years. He married Cora May Reich ’35. Together they retained their fondness for Salem High School and recognized they could help future students through their donations to the SHSAA Scholarship Fund. Stone2015
Jacob Baker ’15 received the $1,800 Floyd and Cora May Reich Stone Vocational Scholarship.

 Colley, Schafer, and Tetlow Awards

In 2015 the alumni association created awards to honor the memory of three individuals whose bequests provided significant infusions of money into the scholarship fund. The bequests of Leon H. Colley ($601,000), Doris Tetlow ($222,000), and Florence C. Schafer ($231,000) have been credited with boosting the growth of the scholarship fund and helping to increase the number of scholarships and amount of monies distributed over the last twenty-five years. There is no application for these awards. Recipients will be selected from the total pool of applications made for other scholarships. Applicants who have not been chosen for other named scholarships but strongly impress the SHSAA Scholarship Committee because of their educational goals and/or service to community may be selected. These awards will be presented at the discretion of the SHSAA Scholarship Committee when funds are available.
scullion2015 Schafer2015 Tetlow2015
From left, $3000 Leon H. Colley Awards were given to Mallory Maher '13 , Abbey Minamyer '12, and Christina Gentile '11(not pictured). Receiving $2000 Florence C. Schafer Awards were Zachary Morris '15, Cassandra Woods '14, and Katie Matthews '13.  $2,500 Doris Tetlow Awards were given to  Cameron Clark ’11, Alyssa Myers’11, and Ciara Andrews '12.
Leon H. Colley was born in Tennessee in 1897 and came to Salem in 1926. Employed by the First National Bank in Salem in 1928, he rose through the ranks from cashier to vice president and by 1938 was named bank president, a position he held until 1967. He actively supported the community serving on various boards such as the two hospital association boards and the World War Memorial Building Association. He was also a two term president of the Chamber of Commerce. His wife of 47 years, Enid, died in 1973; Mr. Colley passed away four years later in 1977. Mr. Colley bequeathed $601,000 to the Salem High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. Florence C. Schafer, SHS Class of 1923, was a lifelong Salem resident. Even though a frequent traveler, she loved her hometown dearly and enjoyed reading about its history. She worked for 30 years in the offices of Gem Clay Company in Sebring, Ohio, retiring in 1960. Her father Jesse Schafer owned and operated Schafer’s Tavern and Restaurant at 330 East State Street, the location of the current Alumni Association office. For many years Miss Schafer had lived above the tavern on its second floor, which in 1993 became the location of the association’s first office. After her father’s death, Florence and her brother Tom operated the tavern until its closing in 1974. Florence died in 1996 and left the SHSAA $231,000 for scholarships. Doris Tetlow, Class of 1922, was a long-time junior high teacher for Salem City Schools. A talented singer, she was director of the junior high chorus. Miss Tetlow began teaching in 1925 at a time when teacher salaries were usually less than $1000 a year and women teachers were to be unmarried. Doris lived with her mother Olive, who also left the alumni association a sizeable amount of money. When Doris died in 1982, she left the association $222,000.
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