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 Salem High School Alumni Banquet - May 2016

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SHSAA Scholarships Totaled $365,425taylor

The Salem High School Alumni Association broke its record for scholarship-giving when it awarded $365,425 in scholarships to 101 students—58 graduating Salem High School seniors, 37 alumni who are enrolled in college and graduate school programs, and six current students, who received band camp scholarships.

Honored Alumnus Bob Hickey - Click HERE to read more.

Bob Hickey, a 1950 Salem High School graduate, was the featured speaker as the 2016 Honored Alumnus.

In his remarks Hickey, who retired from the helm of Hickey Metal Fabrication in 2012, referred to his family's modest financial circumstances when he was born and the experience of growing the business his father started in 1942. The company currently employs 180 people at four Salem manufacturing facilities.

"We have a fourth generation in the company and I am very proud of that. That doesn't happen too much," Hickey said, referring to his three grandsons—Nick A. Peters, Ben K. Peters, and Adam L. Hickey—who are involved in the company's leadership along with Bob's son Leo P. Hickey and daughter-in-law Suzanne Hickey.

Hickey directed most of his remarks to the Salem High School seniors who will graduate on May 29. "Starting out in life you have to work hard. Because if you don't work hard, you aren't going anywhere. You work hard and save money—you will be very successful."

His ended his brief remarks with one other important message for those "leaving the nest."

"When you go to college learn one thing: pick who your friends are going to be that have the same values that you have because there are a lot of problems in this country today with drugs. And do not get involved in that because it can ruin your life, what you are going to do. You could even go to jail. And I don't think you want that."

He ended by saying, "I hope all you young people enjoy life as much as I have." In the past ten years, Hickey has shown his strong support of the alumni association by leading his family's endowment of three named scholarships to help students pursue careers in trades, healthcare, and business.

1966 Grads Add to Their Communities - Click Here for Class of 1966 Response by Joe Rottenborn

Speaking on behalf of the 50-year reunion class, Dr. Joe Rottenborn enumerated the careers of members of the Class of 1966. Without naming names he noted that a classmate sang on Broadway, another became a classical musician in San Francisco, and two others had pop music careers; 16 became educators including the current superintendent of the Salem schools; three became medical doctors and several were nurses; three became attorneys; four earned PhDs; one was mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas; and several have owned and operated businesses.

Rottenborn said: "Our classmates include a physicist, veterinarian, journalist, minister, state patrolman, Lordstown GMers, IT [information technology administrator] at ASU [Arizona State University], and the Grandview Cemetery manager.

"And many of our class carried out, perhaps, our society’s most essential vocations: they became good citizens, friends, spouses, and parents—indeed, many had children graduate from Salem High. Of our 273-member graduating class, 72 still live in Salem and another 20 live within a short drive of our home town.

"Today, 50 years after our 1966 graduation, we still have strong bonds, lasting friendships—and many great memories."

The Class of 1966's gift of $26,766 to the association was announced by Ron Whitehill, vice president of the class who led fundraising for the class's 50-year reunion gift. He also announced the winner of the Class of 1966 scholarship, which class members created with donations in excess of $100,000 to mark their 40-year reunion in 2006.

Other Classes Give to SHSAA

Speaking on behalf of the Class of 1956, which celebrated its 60-year reunion with events throughout this past weekend, Rita Joseph O'Leary announced its $7,000 gift to the association.

Gary Greenisen led the fundraising for the Class of 1951, which gave $2,876 to the association.

And Jarrod Polen, president of the Class of 2016, thanked the association on behalf of his classmates and announced their gift of $1,000.

SHSAA President Shelley Miller Wilson pointed out that among the 450 people attending Saturday's 135th reunion banquet were three alumnae who were celebrating their 84th, 83rd and 82nd graduation anniversaries, respectively. She then introduced Harriet McArtor Jackson, Class of 1932; Matilda Hurray Tolson, Class of 1933; and Constance Morgan Bricker, Class of 1934. Evelyn Crawford Bichsel, Class of 1936, who is marking her 80th reunion year sent a note stating she shared in the spirit of the gathering.

The Magic of Scholarships

During his speech for the Class of 1946, Walter Ibele pointed out that among the 18 classmates present Saturday evening was George Ansley Mitchell, one of three 1946 graduates who received an alumni association scholarship. Mitchell "parlayed" his $250 scholarship to study mechanical drawing at the Salem Trades School. Mitchell went on to start a steel specialty company that is going strong in Youngstown.

Noting that in the 1940s and 1950s the association, which started Ohio's first high school scholarship fund in 1903, had only enough money to give three scholarships annually, Ibele led the audience in a cheer for Salem and the Salem High School Alumni Association.

"You combine the magic of scholarships with the culture of a town like Salem, that is very giving, very compassionate, very generous town—and it always has been—and that's all it takes to get a lot of money for kids graduating from high school to go to college," Ibele said.

During the association's annual business meeting, SHSAA Treasurer Daniel T. Moore reported the association's current fund balance is slightly more than $9 million. The association spends 5% of the 12-quarter rolling average of the investment portfolio's value to fund scholarships and its office operations. The scholarships awarded Saturday ranged from $470 for the band camp students to $6,800 for the seniors graduating with the highest grade point averages.

"To our supporters: Your continued contributions are a direct investment in every award recipient's future. This year 101 students will receive a jumpstart in their education thanks to your support," Moore said. The Salem High School Alumni Association awarded $359,050 in scholarships—the most it has ever given at its 134th annual reunion and banquet on May 23, 2015.

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